Rapid City's 'Art Alley' should be visited

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Rapid City's 'Art Alley' should be visited

Post  Vprodwine on 7/8/2010, 12:48 pm

Rapid City's 'Art Alley' should be visited

What began as a graffiti scarred public alley has turned into a relatively unknown tourist attraction in downtown Rapid City.

“Art Alley,” as it is known, lies between Saint Joseph Street & Main Street, and runs from 6th Street to 7th Street. The idea was to replace unsightly graffiti with something more appealing. While some people see the art simply for what it is, there are some who view it as plain old fashioned vandalism and gang tagging. However, time spent viewing the artwork is time well spent. Every inch of the alley is used. Backs of buildings, stairs, utility meters, and Dumpsters are creatively decorated to fit the scene. Some of the paintings include: a life-size woman with wind-blown hair and clothes, painted in such a way that it appears she is standing on two electric meters on the wall; super hero portraits, muppets, and even a picture of Walter Cronkite. ...


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